Child rights

19/09/2012 19:43
50,000 adult adoptees in Ireland yet FG want to bring more children into that category,  A category that will exclude them from the Freedom of Information act. Deny them the right to their identity and birth certificates, Deny them the right to medical histories.  Until Legislation...

Sean Ross Abbey

12/09/2012 00:01
Adoption Rights NOW! Formal Notice To whom it may concern Please take note that the adoption activist group Adoption Rights NOW! strongly objects to the sale of Sean Ross Abbey. This notorious former Mother & Baby home set up and operated by the Order of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and...

Adoption Right Now Demand,s

21/08/2012 03:21
Adoption Rights NOW! Demands: 1. That all adoption records are opened immediately in line with international best pratice. 2. A full public inquiry into the vicious treatment of Mothers and children, and the consequent high mortality rates, in Government and Catholic run institutions in...


09/08/2012 13:24


09/08/2012 13:24


07/08/2012 13:17
CALLING ALL ACTIVISTS! A new website and FB page have been launched. Adoption Rights NOW! demands open adoption records, the release of medical histories, minority status for all adoptees, and a full public inquiry NOW!  This for activists only. NO sightseers or time wasters please!...


07/08/2012 00:18
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Visitors notice

06/08/2012 21:40

Website launched

06/08/2012 21:39
What if black people were NOT be entitled to their birth certs? What if gay people were NOT be entitled to their medical records? What if people with Special Needs were eligible for testing with experimental drugs? What if all Travelers babies who died had to be surrendered for medical...
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